Carlsbad 5000, World Record

There are so many reasons you may want to visit Carlsbad, California. As a tourist you might enjoy the pacific ocean views, the fine dining and the serenity that makes it an ideal getaway spot. However, for one weekend in March, Carlsbad takes on the appearance of a rock festival as the best short distance runners and wheelers come to town in hope of reaching for a personal best record. Carlsbad is one of those very special courses that offers nearly perfect pavement, very few hill or technically small grades, and only 4 turns which allows wheelers to rarely break momentum.

Adams strikes a winning pose!

1999 attracted a banner field of short distance specialist with $10,000 on the line for a world record time. As the field was announced there were 4 racers who really caught my attention. Two U.S. Paralympians who hailed from the University of Illinois athletic program, Scot Hollonbeck and Keith Davis were definite contenders. But it became quickly apparent that South African racer Krige Schabort and Canadian Jeff Adams would be the men to beat. What was most impressive is how Adams found himself in an improvisational way as the race unfolded. Known much more for his track savvy, Adams could be unpredictable. Having seen and even announced track events where Adams had himself tucked strategically in just the right spot, it was clear just how lethal his sprint was when the victory is in sight. Adams frequently saved just enough to unleash that sudden burst that few could cope with. On the road it can be a very different story and Adams found himself in some uncharted waters following Schabort as they made the final left hand turn. I could describe it but instead watch the dynamic finish as it really speaks for itself. Adams really showed immense poise, patience and lightning acceleration to set a new worlds best 10:25 seconds!

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  • Julia Gowell


    What a race – nice job Bob! This brought back great memories.
    Love the site.
    Julia Gowell

    • Bob Molinatti


      Thanks very much Julie–we had a hell of a good run and produced some very nice shows together. It was always good having you as a part of the team. We collectively worked hard and made a quality product that I think made its mark!

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