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Over 30 years as an industry leader

It was just about 1990 when Disabled Sports were hitting perhaps its greatest era of growth. The athletes were training and competing on a whole new level, professional coaching was becoming more available and the equipment was fast moving into the modern era. For the first time the highly committed disabled athlete was about to gain exposure on perhaps the biggest individual sporting network. The initial launch of the show lasted just about two years. Following immediately was the next edition and longest running series of the production that ran for the next 4 years. Then finally our production crew ran its course with a short run of 4 more shows that aired on another significant sports network in 2010. All in all, taking a rough guesstimate we likely did over 100 different stories. Some of them on individuals, several on team sports, and as well we featured many of the advances in the equipment used by the athletes. Moving forward the goal long term goal on Athletes with Disabilities will be to dice these many shows up into short, watchable segment for ease of viewing.