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From time to time I run across a photo that brings me back to an event that I have either covered for television or from an event I raced in. From my humble beginnings in 1984 to the very last telecast I did live in 2007 for NBC in New York, there are some story worthy details surrounding those events. This facet of the site will give me a place to give some real insight to a place in time that either stuck me as significant and even sometimes just amusing.

In so many ways I have found my life experiences both as an athlete and as well in the media representing our community a privilege.

Boston Crash 1987

Several years ago I had stumbled upon a picture from one of the Boston newspapers from perhaps the most dramatic crash in Wheelchair Racing history. In many ways, I liken this event to one of those Nascar crashes that changed the dynamics of our sport in many ways. The crash not only brought about alterations in how we would be allowed to navigate the first mile or so of the Boston course but also how we were perceived athletically. Horrendous as it was it brought to light a certain legitimacy about just how serious and dedicated we were about our desire to win.

1987 marked my 3rd Boston Marathon. Being a kid who grew up as a runner in the northeast this race was hands down the holy grail. Even as time went on and I raced in marathons in many countries, this was still the race that got my blood pumping. Boston was so significant in fact that I’m not sure you could be considered as one of the greatest racers of all time without at least one Boston victory. Spring in Massachusetts could give you a dose of just hellish condition or on occasion a perfect 60 degree day with a tailwind. 87 was flat out hellish. As we started to move toward the start line I can recall that there was a lot of concern about not only the wet roads but also some of the newer chairs and the unproven technology that was soon to be going downhill at more than 30 miles per hour…

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