Athletes with Disabilities

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  • Video/Blog: Blind Judo from Colorado Springs.
  • Women of Wheelchair Racing
  • Article: The early days of disabled sports on TV, How did it all begin, and who were the people involved?

For nearly a decade, beginning in 1991 a production group I worked with out of San Diego covered some of the absolute best in disabled athletics. Our objective was to dig deeper into the subculture to uncover stories of athletes who rose above difficult situations to reach their full potential. While the early programming focused much of its energy on track and road racing, we soon discovered athletes who had excelled in all kinds of sports prior to disability. The show went on to feature such sports as tennis, basketball, scuba diving, sky diving, skiing and so much more. When it was all said and done we had compiled literally hundreds of hours in exciting, fast paced action.

Striking at perhaps the most aggressive growth era in disabled sporting history, we were fortunate to have a ring side seat. “Athletes with Disabilities” brings that historic era back in condensed segments, complete with blogged stories for greater insight on the athletes and the sports they loved. For some this site will provide an exciting trip into the past, for others hopefully it can be a source of motivation to get back in the game.

Getting it off my chest

Well now I have an all new reason to hate that song. I disdained it while having to listen to it on FM radio for too many years and now it has a very special place in music hell for me. Maybe this is self indulgent and frankly I don’t know if it matters if is read or not. In a way its finally getting to clear the air on a day that I will always remember in detail, but would much prefer to forget. I woke up at 5:30 in morning May 16th to something that was just so agitating that I could not rest. This was not typical like a shoulder hurting, discomfort or something of that sort. It was more like a scratch I could not itch. .


The Women of Wheelchair Racing; Part One

Fast, determined and furiously competitive! This multi-part series will give you an inside look at some of the legends who developed and dominated the sport of wheelchair racing!


The Women of Wheelchair Racing: Profiles

DeAnna Sodoma

Throughout the 90’s Sodoma had significant wins across many distances including 2 Paralympic Bronze medals. But in many ways she lead the way to having major corporations realize the value of sponsoring a high level disabled athlete.


At only 17 years old in his first Paralympic Games, Canadian Jeff Adams gives an upclose view of the 88 Seoul Paralympics and the many challenges of just getting there. It’s a really good recount of the games and a truly fun read you won’t want to miss!


5000 Meter Final, Barcelona: “The Crash”

The carnage of this epic crash was captured by Mary Carol Peterson. Check out her account of what went down!


Video #3

The Carlsbad 5000 course has long been known as one of the fastest 5k’s ever. 1999 marked the year that organizers launched an all out effort, putting up a whopping $10,000 for a Chair racing record. More

The Greatest of All Time! G.O.A.T!