The Women of Wheelchair Racing: Profiles

DeAnna Sodoma

Though often overshadowed by the domination of Jean Driscoll and Louise Sauvage, DeAnna Sodoma was in many ways the 3rd most recognized and accomplished women’s wheelchair racer of the 90s. Her athletic accomplishments were so significant that she captured the attention of Northwest Airlines, landing a lucrative sponsorship that lasted nearly the duration of her career. As a Paralympian she represented the US in both the 92 and 96 games earning 2 bronze medals. But her real strength as an athlete was on the road, and more specifically at races that were often the most difficult. An obvious example of that, as I stare at the bio is the fact that she finished second at the Midnight Sun Run in Alaska while she was pregnant! Sodoma had a nice string of victories at races of many distances including Los Angeles, Detroit, Honolulu 5 times, and 7 wins at the Carlsbad 5000 where she set a world record.

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